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At the law office of The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., our truck accident attorney in AlbanyGeorgia, has aggressively pursued truck drivers, trucking companies and their insurance companies to recover the financial compensation our injured clients deserve for more than 25 years.

Our Dougherty County Albany truck accident lawyer knows that truck accident victims often have severe injuries that require long-term care, rehabilitation and countless time away from work to reach optimal recovery, and we firmly believe our clients should not have to pay for any of their losses out of pocket. For more than two decades, our Albany truck accident law firm has pursued sizable financial recovery packages for our clients after they were injured by another's negligence, and we can do the same for you or your loved one.

Large Truck Accident Statistics In The State Of Georgia

To understand the depth of truck accidents and the injuries reported in these devastating crashes, it is important to understand just how often these serious crashes occur throughout the United States and Georgia.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that last year in the U.S.:

  • Over 385,000 total traffic crashes occurred, causing 4,317 fatalities
  • Over 116,000 injuries resulted from these traffic accidents

The Georgia Governor's Office Of Highway Safety reported that last year in our state there were:

  • 1556 traffic accident fatalities, 179 of those fatalities involved large trucks

The NHTSA reported startling statistics that include a 5.8% increase in tractor-trailer truck accidents throughout the country. With no signs of truck accidents slowing down in Georgia or throughout the U.S., our Albany truck accident attorney focuses on provided legal solutions for those who have been injured in theses life-changing accidents, so they are not responsible for the financial fallout that results from their injuries.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Large Truck Accidents In Albany, Georgia?

With more than 11,498,561 large trucks registered in the U.S., trucking accidents lead to complex legal cases that require our Albany, Georgia, truck accident attorney to investigate each person and company that is involved in the truck's operation to ensure we are pursuing the proper party for recovery.

Often, more than one person or entity is responsible for the truck accident, and it is important that each is pursued equally for our clients' injuries, so no detail is left to chance during our Albany truck accident case.

Common causes of large truck accidents in Albany, Georgia, can include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving, including cellphone or GPS use
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Failing to recognize dangerous weather or traffic patterns
  • Inadequate driver training
  • Tire, wheel or steering malfunctions
  • Failing brake or suspension systems
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Irregular maintenance
  • Insufficient hiring practices by the trucking company

Large semi trucks can weight up to 80,000 pounds, and a single misstep by any of the truck's maintenance crews can cause serious accidents that result in severe injuries to those who are traveling in much smaller passenger vehicles. You do not have to face the driver or trucking company, insurance company or their legal representation alone. Our truck accident attorney in Albany, Georgia, will provide exceptional representation that will allow you to focus on your injuries while we pursue the financial compensation that will provide the confidence you need to look ahead.

What Type Of Financial Compensation Can I Pursue After A Truck Accident In Albany, Georgia?

When you are hurt in a truck accident, you need a legal advocate who will maximize your financial recovery, so you are not left paying for a single expense out of your own pocket. At the Law Office of The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., our Albany truck accident lawyers will only focus on your full financial recovery, based on your unique needs and injuries.

Those costs can include:

  • Complete medical expenses, including long-term care
  • Short or long-term disability
  • Partial or full disability
  • All lost wages, including future wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Your needs are going to differ from any other person who has been involved in a truck accident in Albany, Georgia, and our legal representation is designed to fit only your needs. Our Albany personal injury attorney is focused on your specific recovery and will maximize our approach to delivering results.

What If I Lost A Loved One In A Truck Accident? Can I Pursue Financial Recovery For My Family's Losses?

Truck accidents are common in the state of Georgia, and when the victims of these accidents are unable to recover from their injuries or are lost immediately during the crash, their families may have to deal with more than the emotional devastation. Our wrongful death attorney in Albany, Georgia, understands that finances are the last thing on your mind after losing a loved one, but it is important to understand your rights and how you can recover from their loss.

If your loved one was killed in a truck accident because of another's negligence, the statute of limitations in the state of Georgia for filing a wrongful death suit is two years from the date of your loss. Our compassionate Albany truck accident attorney will provide you with the facts in pursuing a wrongful death case, so you understand your rights immediately and are able to grieve fully while we prepare your case.

No amount of money is going to bring your loved one back, but financial stability will allow you to ensure their legacy lives on.

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