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At The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., our compassionate Dawson, Georgia, bankruptcy attorney. The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., understands that when you are in financial trouble, the rest of your life is interrupted by stress and worry.

If you are receiving threatening collection calls or fear your wages will be garnished, leaving you in a worse financial position than you are currently in, our Terrell County and Dawson, Georgia, bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine whether filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 protection is right for your unique circumstances.

Medical Bills Affect Millions Of American's Finances Each Year, Including Those In Dawson, Georgia

There are just over 4,100 people who call Dawson, Georgia, home, with a median household income of $24,140 annually. At The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., our Dawson, Georgia, bankruptcy attorney knows that each dollar our residents make is important to their livelihoods, and when a medical emergency occurs – whether they have insurance or not – the financial fallout can be devastating.

Alarming statistics regarding medical bills include:

  • $500 in unexpected medical bills is too much for many people to pay
  • One in five Americans of working age who have health insurance state having trouble paying off their medical bills
  • 60% of people who have problems paying their medical bills have been contacted by a collection agency in the past year

Unexpected expenses can cause great financial strain on any household, but when medical issues cause our residents to take time away from work, there is a double negative effect from their condition. If you are experiencing financial trouble because of medical bills, contact our Dawson, Georgia, bankruptcy attorney today to learn how we can help outline your options, so you can focus on solutions instead of worry.

Are Medical Bills Covered Under Bankruptcy Filings In Dawson, Georgia

Medical bills are considered general unsecured debts, when it comes to bankruptcy filing, just like credit card debt. This means that medical bills can be easily wiped away by filing for bankruptcy.

This is good news for our Dawson, Georgia residents, as bankruptcy is often the only means of financial relief when they are suffering from crushing medical debt. And our clients need to understand that they are not alone.

According to a recent article published by CNBC, of the total amount of Americans who file for bankruptcy, two-thirds cite medical issues as a main component to their financial downfall.

Other troubling statistics state that last year, medical bills were: 

  • The biggest cause of U.S. bankruptcies
  • Tied to 66.5% of all bankruptcies
  • Estimated as the cause for 530,000 families turning to bankruptcy

Call Our Dawson Bankruptcy Attorney Now

Do not be afraid of collection agencies, threatening communications, and the possibility of losing even more of your income to garnishment because of your past due medical bills. Contact our  Albany, Georgia, attorney at The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., today at 229-436-9661 to learn more about your unique options in wiping away qualifying debt and starting your life anew. You do not have to be afraid of the unknown. Our compassionate bankruptcy lawyer in Dawson will provide the answers you need today, so you can wake up to a brighter tomorrow.



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