Fight Back Against Criminal Charges


When facing criminal charges, you are in the fight of your life. Losing a criminal case could cost you dearly for the rest of your life. You need to fight back aggressively against criminal charges to protect your future.

At The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., in Albany, we defend clients in state and federal courts throughout Georgia. With more than 25 years of criminal defense experience, our lawyer, Robert J. Pinnero, provides strong, strategic criminal defense solutions against a wide range of charges, including misdemeanors and felonies in both state and federal court.

Defending You Is Our Priority

The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., can mount an effective defense for whatever charges you might be facing, including those involving:

  • Violent crimes: Our lawyer represents clients against all types of violent crimes, including weapons crimes, assault and battery, aggravated assault, armed robbery, bank robbery, cruelty to children, aggravated stalking and domestic violence.
  • Property crimes: Our property crime defense practice includes criminal trespass, damage to property, arson, a range of theft crimes like burglary shoplifting, and white collar crimes like embezzlement, fraud, forgery, computer fraud, extortion, money laundering computer crimes, tax crimes, identity theft, conspiracy, Medicaid and Medicare Fraud, and other offenses.
  • Drug offenses: We can defend you against state and federal offenses involving drugs and controlled substances, such as drug possession, possession with intent to deliver, delivery, possession of paraphernalia, prescription drug fraud, violations of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (V.G.C.S.A.), and possession of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, marijuana, spice and synthetic marijuana.
  • Alcohol offenses: We have extensive experience successfully defending people against alcohol-related offenses, including driving under the influence (DUI) and public intoxication.
  • Weapons offenses: We defend the rights of people charged with various weapons and firearms charges in state and federal court, including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
  • Federal offenses: We defend people accused of federal offenses – including those involving drugs, guns, violence and white collar crimes – and all manner of issues involving federal sentencing.
  • Traffic offenses: We handle everything from simple parking tickets, speeding tickets and driving with a suspended license to much more serious crimes like DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, and vehicular homicide.
  • Juvenile crimes: Anyone under the age of 17 who is accused of a crime in Georgia will go through the juvenile court system, which is a completely different legal process than the adult system. We know this system, and we can help you.
  • Other criminal charges: We also provide a strong defense against crimes that include fleeing or eluding police, obstruction of justice, obstructing an officer, RICO violations and racketeering, probation violations and revocations and public indecency.

At The Law Office of Robert J. Pinnero P.C., we leverage our experience and knowledge to help our clients get the best outcome possible. We will look deeply into your arrest report and other evidence to create a strong case for your defense.

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From the moment you are suspected or accused of committing a crime, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can intervene to ensure that law enforcement does not violate your legal rights in any way. Hiring a skilled lawyer can help protect your future and prevent the system from taking advantage of you.

If you have been charged with a crime, it is best to get a lawyer involved as soon as possible. Call us at 229-436-9661 or email us to arrange your free initial consultation.



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